JUICIES+ Mobile Power Bank

Compact design
Built to last


Begin every journey assured that additional charge exists in your back pocket. No matter your itinerary, JUICIES Mobile Power Banks are compact, portable, and unbelievably powerful. What happens when your phone decides to bail? Bad things. Like getting lost in the middle of the desert, or missing a date. Luckily we just made your life a whole lot easier, safer, and more exciting. Plug in, and let us handle the rest.

JUICIES Car Charger close up

JUICIES+ Mobile Power Bank

JUICIES Mobile Power Bank is encased in a the highest quality anodized aluminum housing that protects the device from undesirable elements. It uses premium Li-Poly battery to ensure durability and weightlessness.

Automatic Device Detection and Fast recharge via micro USB allow for a greater amount of power transference and faster charging speeds. The dedicated power switch monitors data line voltage in order to support a 2.1A charging output, making it strong enough to power more demanding devices like tablets and cameras.

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Type: Power Bank

Elegant Design

JUICIES Mobile Power Bank Side View

Design is concerned with problem solving. From conceptualization to realization JUICIES products were designed to reflect an appreciation for the practical, intellectual, and modern tech user. Our Mobile Power Bank exists to fundamentally act as a unique and efficient instrument to improving the quality of your life in the technological age. Anodized Aluminum Housing combined with sleek, lightweight, and compact design mirrors the look of your most beloved devices.

Slim yet Powerful


Unlike other charging stations with unique connectors and adapters, our Mobile Power Bank was designed to accommodate to the the cables that you use everyday. With Universal USB Compatibility, Micro USB output, and a Premium Li-Poly Battery our portable Mobile Power Bank can charge any device from smartphones, Kindles, GPS’s, or cameras.

Fast Recharge and Charging Speed

JUICIES Mobile Power Bank

The Mobile Power Bank is equipped with a special high-output battery that delivers power up to four times faster than traditional USB batteries. Our compact device is capable of supplying 2.1Amps of charging capacity, which means you have a pocket sized product powerful enough to charge cameras, smartphones, and even tablets.

To Match Your Style

JUICIES Mobile Power Banks in Space Gray, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold

Variety is important, so were taking functional design to the next level and creating tech accessories to match your unique style and tastes. Whether you're a makeup artist, financial advisor, or a couch potato JUICIES Mobile Power Banks come in colors to mirror your lifestyle. Models come in Space Grey, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold. What flavor is your juice?

JUICIES Power Bank inner components


5K - with 5000mAh of Power
~2-3 full phone charges
3 LED Energy Level Indicators
136g / 4.8 oz
122 x 62 x 9mm

10K - with 10000mAh of Power
~4-5 full phone charges
4 LED Energy Level Indicators
227g / 8.0 oz
140 x 69 x 12mm

What's Included

JUICIES Mobile Power Bank
Micro USB Cable
Instruction Manual
Warranty Card

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