Juicies USB Extension

High Quality
10 Colors
Eco Friendly

Juicies USB Extension


Let's face it, sometimes size does matter! At least in certain situations that is. For example when you want to charge your Phone on the night stand, but the wall outlet is just a little bit to far away. We've all been there. The Juicies USB Extension puts an end to this by letting you connect up to 4 (four!) of them to your existing charge & sync cable. Now you can charge & sync your devices with more freedom to move around.

Slim and strong, yet we built these with 20-gauge conductors to handle the 10 watt power needs of Apple's iPad and other power hungry tablets. Connect the Juicies USB Extension Cable to your computer's USB port to or to any other USB power source and the simply plug in your existing cable charge & sync your device. The cable is made from a high percentage of recycled content and at the same time it is very durable. Total length is 3ft.

Works with all standard USB charge & sync cables from devices such as the iPod, iPhone & iPad as well as all other Phones and Tablets from brands such as Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, Nokia, Motorola, Sony, LG and many more. Can also be used as a universal USB extension for Printers, Scanners, Mice, Flash Drives and much more.

About JUICIES Cables

JUICIES Cable Collection

High Quality

High build quality

All authentic Juicies cables have an extended stress relief part, this effectively protects the area which is know as the weakest part of a USB cable. Juicies are the only product in the market with a durable shielding inside of the actual connector hous-ings. This prohibits accidental electric shortening and makes the product more durable then other USB Sync & Charge cables.

Power Player

Power source friendly

Juicies are built with 20-gauge conductors to handle the 10 watt power needs of todays Smartphones, Tablets and all other power thirsty devices. Never restrict your charging time.

10 Colors

Available in 10 colors

Juicies are available in 10 beautiful colors; they perfectly match many cases from theworlds most popular brands.The colors are strong, vibrant and bold.

Eco Friendly

Made from 100% recycled material

All our packaging is made from 100% recycled content. We use only vegetable based inks for all printing. All connector housings are made from 100% recycled ABS material. The stylish eco friendly look of our product and packaging is not just a trendy image; it’s part of our companies vision for a sustainable future.

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