JUICIES+ Micro USB Cable

Anodized Aluminum Housing
Tangle Free Woven Cable

Premium Micro USB Cables for Android and WindowsPhone Devices

A simple cable is still is the best and easiest way to charge a device. Since we have to charge our phones every day, we built a cable that has the same look and feel as our phones. The JUICIES+ Micro USB cable matches all premium Android and WindowsPhone devices perfectly. We used high quality materials to build our Android and WindowsPhone certified JUICIES+ cables. Our focus was on the core essence of what the final product is supposed to be doing: Charging! (And yes, of course it syncs too!)

JUICIES+ Micro USB Cables

JUICIES+ Micro USB Cable

Rose Gold

Works with ALL devices that use a standard Micro USB port.

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Type: Micro USB


JUICIES+ Micro USB Connector details

This cable is made with a tangle free woven cord and has solid aluminum connector housings. Much more durable then a standard charge and sync cable. Total length is 4ft. We built these cables with 20-gauge conductors to handle the 10 watt power needs of Samsung's Galaxy Tab, the BlackBerry Playbook and other power hungry tablets and larger devices. Connect the JUICIES+ Micro USB cable to your computer's USB port to charge & sync your device; or to any other USB power source such as AC wall adapters or 12V car chargers.


JUICIES+ Micro USB charging Amazon Kindle

Most mobile electronic devices including a lot of tablets and standard phones now charge & sync via the Micro USB port. Also works with a ton of Bluetooth headsets and speakers such as Jawbone, Jambox, Jabra, BlueAnt as well as many digital cameras, smart watches, RC devices and so on. Works with ALL devices that use a standard Micro USB port. This includes a long list of products from top brands such as Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Huawei, Philips, Siemens and many more. You can see the extended list of compatible devices listed by manufacturer in our FAQ here.

What Charges You?


For those times when a regular-sized cable is just too much. Like when the extra space on your laptop acts a pseudo desk, table, and phone holder. Our JUICIES+ XS cable is only 1ft (30cm) short in order to keep your space clean, tight, and manageable. Yet, it’s still long enough to do the important things like reply to a text, take a selfie, or do a #meerkat stream!

JUICIES+ Regular

Plug in and chill out. JUICIES+ Regular cables supply the most simple yet efficient charging experience ever to exist in a 4ft (120cm) cord. Ultimately accomplishing the same goal as your run of the mill accessory isn’t the point, quality design, durable materials, and ridiculously sophisticated options are. Thats why you choose JUICIES.


The electrical outlet gods are never on your side at airports, hotel lounges, or your cute cousin’s best friend’s bedroom. But we are. Thats why we created our whopping 10ft (3m) long JUICIES+ XL cables. This ensures that you have enough length to reach any wall plug, and still send a Snap Chat no matter where you’re hidden.


Available in these colors:

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Rose Gold
JUICIES+ with Lightning Connector comes in 4 colors

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