JUICIES+ Car Charger

Compact design
Built to last

Car chargers. Redefined & Redesigned.

Sitting in traffic? Stuck being the DD? Or maybe you just like spending quality time with your vehicle. Whatever the case may be, you probably have a phone, and you probably need a charger. Why not get one that’s small enough to swallow but big enough to save your phones life? Beemer or a beater, this little bullet ups the coolness factor of your vehicle by some pretty serious points. Your commute to work just became... kinda sexy.

JUICIES Car Charger close up

JUICIES+ Car Charger

Rose Gold

Smart automatic device detection allows for the fastest possible charging speed, no matter what you want to charge. Your device is safe and secure with our built in overload protection. 

Compatible with all standard 12-volt automobile cigarette lighter receptacles.

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Type: Car Charger

Compact Design

We managed to squeeze a whole lot of pizazz and purpose into an anodized aluminum house the size of an insect. Inspired by the polished aesthetic of our most coveted automobiles and mobile devices, we've designed this compact device with 2 x USB connectors to juice up to two devices at once.

Built to Last

Let’s be real, if you have one of those traditional, bulky car chargers that stops working every five seconds, chances are you're a good person that just needs a bit of direction. Do yourself a favor. Buy our car charger. Our top priority with all JUICIES creations is to deliver a durable and quality product, built to last and designed to meet your needs.

Available in Black, Silver Gold and Rose Gold

Your car is beautiful, give it a compliment. Available in Black, Silver Gold and Rose Gold to reflect a wide range of tastes, styles... and interiors.

JUICIES Car Chargers in Gold, Black, Silver

JUICIES Car Charger exploded view


Reinforced anodized aluminum housing with 2 x USB connectors to charge up to two devices at once. 12W 2.5A output allows for fast charging speeds for even your most demanding of devices.

Dimensions: 19.5mm (D) x 43mm (H)


International compatibility with all 12V outlets.

What's Included

JUICIES Car Charger
Instruction Manual
Warranty Card

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