3 Iphone Charging Myths Abound, we're here to clear them up. 
In the past few weeks, we've noticed that there's a large number of people who've been asking us the same questions again and again. The endless cog of the internet has created a lot of misperceptions, lies, myths, and downright stupidity with regards to iphone charging and how it works. We want to clear up three of the myths in this post. 

Myth: Using generic chargers will damage your battery. 
Fact: The only thing that will damage your iphone battery is using a knockoff charger. These knockoff chargers damage the iPhone logic board and as a result have a negative long term effect on your iphone. The knockoffs damage the battery. You have to continue looking for the MFI certification. Lifehacker did a very good side by side comparison of of knockoffs versus apple certified chargers. 

The MFI certification is important as a hardware manufacturer of apple products. It gives companies like ours access to the iPhone charging chips directly from apple certified manufacturers and ensures true product quality. 

Myth: Don't Turn off Your Phone, ever.  
Fact: Turning off your iphone will help it charge faster in the future. A lot of people keep on their iphones for extremely long durations. Even Apple advises the same. 


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Myth: Don't charge your battery til it's dead. 
Fact: Charging your batteries every day is a well informed decision. Apple and Samsung both build their phones with lithium ion. Lithium ion batteries require daily recharges. Leaving them at zero can make the battery unstable. One has to keep in mind that a battery is a chemical reaction of sorts. 


An Interesting Quora Question
We saw a post on quora asking about the amount of time it would take to make a 
clone of the iphone 5 charging cable. We never wanted to make a clone of the iphone 5 charging cable.

Low Quality Cables are Everywhere, but Why? 
We wanted to make a high quality cable for the masses, but we were also extremely fascinated by the amount of low quality clone cables on the market and how they became so pervasive in the US and abroad. 

The Apple MFI certification is legit. Look for it. 
We worked hard to master the quality in our product 
even achieving Apple's MFI certification ensuring that all Juicies products are apple certified. Everyone knows there's a ton of low quality cables floating around in the market. The only risk you run if you buy and use these is damaging the logic board on the iphone. (Yeah, kind of a bummer eh? ) 

Want to learn how knockoff artists make cheap iPhone charging clones that break and potentially damage your iPhone, then read below....

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