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Cracked iPhone Screens Abound
We scoured twitter and advertisements and found that the sheer scale of broken iPhone screens is mesmerizing. There's a TON of people out there with broken iPhones.
On Twitter someone's tweeting at least every 2 minutes and it's usually negative. 
On Google Trends, the term 'cracked iPhone' is relatively always trending! 
On SpyFu advertisements cost a considerable amount of money at a whopping $5+ per a click. 


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A lawyer representing Apple Inc. sent a letter to a handful of industry distributors within the past week claiming that some mobile charger products they sell are in violation of patents and trademarks that Apple currently owns.

“It has recently come to Apple’s attention that [your company] is offering for sale and selling promotional items that infringe Apple’s intellectual property rights in its iconic USB power adapters, cables and other accessories,” said the letter, which is signed by Robert Potter from law firm Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP and was obtained by Counselor this week. “Patent law prohibits the unauthorized making, using, selling, offering for sale and/or importing of any products that incorporate a patented invention.”

The products in question are non-MFi charger cables (both the eight-pronged and 30-pronged ones) that can be plugged into Apple products like iPhones, iPads, and iPods, as well as the square chargers that have a USB opening on one end and plug into an electrical socket on the other. In the letter, Apple claims to have patents on both and is asking companies to immediately stop selling these items if they are unauthorized products.

"Luckily all JUICIES products are MFi certified. Even though it makes it harder for us and more costly, in the long run it gives our users better products and us the confidence that we don't have to worry when things like this happen!"

You can read the full article here:


Nobody likes to pay more than they have to, which is why Apple’s recent push with iOS 8 to disable non-certified cables has been poorly received. Some consumers use cheaper, third party cables to charge and sync their devices. Apple’s move may seem like a money grab to monopolize the accessories market, but there are legitimate concerns about some third-party cables and chargers damaging the U2 IC chip and possibly injuring or killing the user.

U2 IC chip

The Lightning cable was introduced in 2012 to replace the 30 pin Dock Connector cable. This allowed for the new iPhone to be smaller and lighter than previous generations. The lightning cable has 8 pins, or rather 8 electrical points of contact that allow current to flow from the charging source to the device. This is how power and information are transmitted. By dynamically assigning which pins are used for a particular task, the cable maintains its ability to charge and sync your iDevice as if it had the 30 pins of the preceding cable. When the lightning cable is connected to the iPhone, power runs first to the U2 IC chip. This chip controls the delivery of charge to the battery, the charge to the integrated circuit that powers the iPhone, USB functionality, and the sleep button.
MFi logo
Cables made by Apple or affiliates via the Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad program (MFI) are designed to work dependably with Apple devices because they have the hardware that performs pin allocation and power management. From a quality control standpoint, the death and device destruction caused by knock-off cables are not good for business. In the aftermath of the death of Ma Ailun, a Chinese flight attendant electrocuted by picking up her charging iPhone, Apple instituted a buy-back program for unauthorized cables and worked towards ensuring that users would only be able to use cables that met certain quality and safety standards. Unauthorized cables don’t regulate how much power is delivered to the U2 IC chip, damaging or destroying it and compromising the battery. When this happens the phone could stop holding a charge or just not turn on at all. Your $15 savings just turned into a $200 repair bill and a lot of worry.

We at JUICIES.COM have worked hard to bring you the premium MFI cables that Apple should have made. Use promo code J14BLG to get whooping 20% off on our JUICIES+ cables! Also works for all the Juicies Colorful line in your favorite tone. Stay safe, stay stylish, and stay powered.
What charges you?

Due to licensing fees and the technology used, certified  iPhone charging cables  end up costing a bit more than third-party cables. But what is the cost in the long run?

It turns out that using that cheaper third-party cable could end up causing damage to certain functions of the iPhone, leading to more problems down the road.

Damage to the Phone

Using a non-certified iPhone charging cable can damage the U2 IC chip inside the phone. The chip is responsible for some USB functions, as well as charging and the sleep/wake button. Damage to the chip can prevent your iPhone from functioning properly and can lead to some pretty inconvenient consequences.


  • Phone doesn't charge. Using the wrong kind of charger or charging cable can prevent your iPhone from charging. With some phones, it merely maintains a constantly low charge, while others do not charge at all—not even to maintain a charge.
  • Phone won't turn on. If your iPhone dies and you try to charge it with a non-certified cable, it might not turn back on at all. This problem is fixable, but only if you buy a new battery. And with the price of that battery—and the continued problems you'll face while still trying to use the cheap cable—you might as well just get the proper iPhone charging cable in the first place.
  • Cable is completely blocked. When Apple rolled out iOS 7 in Beta, a warning popped up on the phone if a non-certified charger was being used. It read: "This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone. Now, iOS 7 blocks the charge completely. This just means money wasted on the purchase of the cheap cable.

For the health and longevity of your iPhone—and to save you from unnecessary headaches—buying a certified iPhone charging cable from the very start is the best thing to do. Use the coupon code "juiciescertified" to get $10 off a JUICIES+ cable. Or  Contact us to learn more about certified iPhone chargers.


The LG G3 is guaranteed to be one of the hottest things in tech this year!!!!

........or so the folks at Forbes seem to think so. 

It just got featured in Forbes magazine and pundits are already claiming it a success. We imagine it's soon to spread all over the web. It might just give Apple a run for it's money or so Forbes writer Larry Magid would have you think. 

Magid says "But, after spending more than a week testing out the new LG G3 phone, it’s clear to me that Apple has its work cut out for it.  I’m sure the iPhone will be quite impressive, but so is the new G3. "

The unfortunate reality is that Larry has never seen the iPhone 6. 

"How does somebody know what they want if they haven’t even seen it?"
At Juicies, we've always believed the only confidence we can have in a product is the extent to which it has been released and used by satisfied customers. We believe this requires a lot of testing. The product should be able to handle the edge cases. 

A critique of Forbes Magazine's Methodology for Phone Reviews
Whenever we at the team think about product quality, we think about net promoter score. While Forbes writer Larry Magid's opinion is valid, we also think it might have been more prudent to have 20 to 30 writers gauge it, try it, and blog/write about it. 

Net Promoter Score and Word of Mouth
Given that we're a team of product folks, we thought it was worth mentioning.

The net promoter score is a measure of how likely a user is to recommend the product to a friend. For general purposes, we can say that a product that has an NPS of 9 or 10 has achieved word of mouth status. It has ubiquitously solved a problem and any time that problem is mentioned in conversation, it is immediately mentioned as a solution. 

We think Sam Altman of Ycombinator spells it out best for product folks in his article "The Only Way to Grow Huge." 

Predicting the future is tough. 
Products like the iPhone have an NPS of 10 with a lot of confidence and proof as a product with a large number of users. It's really hard to predict if a company will reach an NPS of 9 or 10 and astronomically harder to predict if it will become a company that has reached 'word of mouth' scale. 

At Juicies, we believe the only way to build a killer experience for users of our products are by aggressively talking to the users, building product, and testing it. We'll continue to do this well into the future. 


3 Iphone Charging Myths Abound, we're here to clear them up. 
In the past few weeks, we've noticed that there's a large number of people who've been asking us the same questions again and again. The endless cog of the internet has created a lot of misperceptions, lies, myths, and downright stupidity with regards to iphone charging and how it works. We want to clear up three of the myths in this post. 

Myth: Using generic chargers will damage your battery. 
Fact: The only thing that will damage your iphone battery is using a knockoff charger. These knockoff chargers damage the iPhone logic board and as a result have a negative long term effect on your iphone. The knockoffs damage the battery. You have to continue looking for the MFI certification. Lifehacker did a very good side by side comparison of of knockoffs versus apple certified chargers. 

The MFI certification is important as a hardware manufacturer of apple products. It gives companies like ours access to the iPhone charging chips directly from apple certified manufacturers and ensures true product quality. 

Myth: Don't Turn off Your Phone, ever.  
Fact: Turning off your iphone will help it charge faster in the future. A lot of people keep on their iphones for extremely long durations. Even Apple advises the same. 


Read Quote of Grant Hutchins' answer to Is it really better to let your iPhone battery drain fully and then recharge to maximize battery life? on Quora

Myth: Don't charge your battery til it's dead. 
Fact: Charging your batteries every day is a well informed decision. Apple and Samsung both build their phones with lithium ion. Lithium ion batteries require daily recharges. Leaving them at zero can make the battery unstable. One has to keep in mind that a battery is a chemical reaction of sorts. 


An Interesting Quora Question
We saw a post on quora asking about the amount of time it would take to make a 
clone of the iphone 5 charging cable. We never wanted to make a clone of the iphone 5 charging cable.

Low Quality Cables are Everywhere, but Why? 
We wanted to make a high quality cable for the masses, but we were also extremely fascinated by the amount of low quality clone cables on the market and how they became so pervasive in the US and abroad. 

The Apple MFI certification is legit. Look for it. 
We worked hard to master the quality in our product 
even achieving Apple's MFI certification ensuring that all Juicies products are apple certified. Everyone knows there's a ton of low quality cables floating around in the market. The only risk you run if you buy and use these is damaging the logic board on the iphone. (Yeah, kind of a bummer eh? ) 

Want to learn how knockoff artists make cheap iPhone charging clones that break and potentially damage your iPhone, then read below....

Read Quote of Laurens Laudowicz's answer to iPhone 5: When will a low-cost clone of Apple's new iPhone 5 cable be available? on Quora