Our new JUICIES+ XS & XL - Now live on Kickstarter

We just launched our third Kickstarter project! It is for our all new and improved premium JUICIES+ cables. Now in XS (1 ft) and XL (10 ft). The project is really awesome, here is why:

  • By Popular Demand. Our JUICIES+ were the worlds first premium charging cables. The new XS and XL versions were demanded by thousands of our backers!
  • Roller Coaster Story. Our first two Kickstarters had many ups and downs, we even received death threats! But we turned it all around and proved that we can deliver.
  • Premium Materials. It’s our mission to make the best charging accessories. Our tangle free woven cables have a superhydrophobic nano coating to protect them from liquids and dirt. And the sandblasted aluminum connectors are proven winners!

Check it out for yourself at http://kck.st/1FKY9Gl

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