Self-repair your iPhone cable! Mmmmmmaybe, or better maybe not?

Lightning cables are an essential tool for Apple mobile devices. Without them, you won’t have a way to recharge your iPhones and iPads. Unfortunately, the original Apple Lightning cables break easily thanks to slammed doors, unexpected foot traffic, or forceful pulls. Sometimes they even break with light usage.

Whether you want to make your Lightning cables last longer or hoping to fix a cable that’s already frayed, today we are looking at ways to avoid Apple Lightning cable disasters. This also applies to lower quality Micro USB and USB-C cables as well.

So yes frayed Apple Lightning cables are a common problem. Before heading to the local Apple store to replace a damaged cord, you might want consider these simple DIY solutions to extend the life of your cable. If all fails, upgrade to a Juicies+ cable!

Electrical Tape

One of the least expensive ways to fix a frayed cable is to use a few pieces of electrical tape. Wrapping the part of the cable that’s damaged a few times should immobilize it and keep it from breaking further. This solution is a short-term fix, depending on the quality of the electrical tape.


A Pen Spring

A lot of people online suggest using a spring from a ballpoint pen to fix a damaged cable. To do so, slowly wrap it around the base of your frayed cable. You’ll need to stretch the spring a little bit for the repair to be successful. Once in place, your cable won’t bend near the damaged section.


Heat Shrinking

Another quick fix is to heat shrink your damaged cable. Heat shrink tubing is available in various styles and sizes. Be sure to buy tubing at least 1/4″ in diameter to fit over your cable. Once you place it over the cable, use a heat gun or hair dryer to activate it. The melted tubing will keep your cable secure, while also reinforcing the damaged area.


I’ve been using Sugru ever since a coworker suggested I use the moldable glue to reinforce the cable for my new MacBook Pro. Others seem to like to use the product for Apple Lightning cables too. It also has many other uses.

Sugru feels a lot like reinforced chewing gum or hard putty. Once it cures for 30 minutes, Sugru turns into flexible rubber. Sugru is available in multiple colors and packet sizes. An 8-pack is $22. You can purchase it through the Sugru website or at retailers such as Target.


No time for this!

Would you rather not spend the time to fix a frayed Apple Lightning cable? You can certainly go back to the Apple store and try to claim the warranty, but not many people seem to have luck with this. You could also buy some new Apple Lightning cables while there. But then again the whole thing will probably start over rather soon. Hence not recommended. 

Instead perhaps just grab a Juicies+ Lightning Cable and never worry about this again. Our cables come with a durability guarantee. If you experience issues with our cables due to quality concerns, we will replace you cable free of charge and even pay for the shipping cost!

You can use the code "MFi25Certified" to get 25% OFF all of our Apple MFi Certified Lightning cables and give it a shot.


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