The LG G3 Phone and our Thoughts on Product Press

The LG G3 is guaranteed to be one of the hottest things in tech this year!!!!

........or so the folks at Forbes seem to think so. 

It just got featured in Forbes magazine and pundits are already claiming it a success. We imagine it's soon to spread all over the web. It might just give Apple a run for it's money or so Forbes writer Larry Magid would have you think. 

Magid says "But, after spending more than a week testing out the new LG G3 phone, it’s clear to me that Apple has its work cut out for it.  I’m sure the iPhone will be quite impressive, but so is the new G3. "

The unfortunate reality is that Larry has never seen the iPhone 6. 

"How does somebody know what they want if they haven’t even seen it?"
At Juicies, we've always believed the only confidence we can have in a product is the extent to which it has been released and used by satisfied customers. We believe this requires a lot of testing. The product should be able to handle the edge cases. 

A critique of Forbes Magazine's Methodology for Phone Reviews
Whenever we at the team think about product quality, we think about net promoter score. While Forbes writer Larry Magid's opinion is valid, we also think it might have been more prudent to have 20 to 30 writers gauge it, try it, and blog/write about it. 

Net Promoter Score and Word of Mouth
Given that we're a team of product folks, we thought it was worth mentioning.

The net promoter score is a measure of how likely a user is to recommend the product to a friend. For general purposes, we can say that a product that has an NPS of 9 or 10 has achieved word of mouth status. It has ubiquitously solved a problem and any time that problem is mentioned in conversation, it is immediately mentioned as a solution. 

We think Sam Altman of Ycombinator spells it out best for product folks in his article "The Only Way to Grow Huge." 

Predicting the future is tough. 
Products like the iPhone have an NPS of 10 with a lot of confidence and proof as a product with a large number of users. It's really hard to predict if a company will reach an NPS of 9 or 10 and astronomically harder to predict if it will become a company that has reached 'word of mouth' scale. 

At Juicies, we believe the only way to build a killer experience for users of our products are by aggressively talking to the users, building product, and testing it. We'll continue to do this well into the future. 


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