How long does it take to create a clone of an iPhone charging cable?

An Interesting Quora Question
We saw a post on quora asking about the amount of time it would take to make a 
clone of the iphone 5 charging cable. We never wanted to make a clone of the iphone 5 charging cable.

Low Quality Cables are Everywhere, but Why? 
We wanted to make a high quality cable for the masses, but we were also extremely fascinated by the amount of low quality clone cables on the market and how they became so pervasive in the US and abroad. 

The Apple MFI certification is legit. Look for it. 
We worked hard to master the quality in our product 
even achieving Apple's MFI certification ensuring that all Juicies products are apple certified. Everyone knows there's a ton of low quality cables floating around in the market. The only risk you run if you buy and use these is damaging the logic board on the iphone. (Yeah, kind of a bummer eh? ) 

Want to learn how knockoff artists make cheap iPhone charging clones that break and potentially damage your iPhone, then read below....

Read Quote of Laurens Laudowicz's answer to iPhone 5: When will a low-cost clone of Apple's new iPhone 5 cable be available? on Quora


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